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  • Tourist see their complete itinerary and rate it as they go
  • Groups and tour guides can easily share photos
  • Send out group messages instantly!
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Tour participants know exactly what's happening

Set your clients expectations by showing them their itinerary in real time.

Save time by sharing photos instantly

Save time sharing photos by uploading your photos to the group as you take them. No need to spend time emailing after the tours over. Tour participants can also share photos with their groups!

One location to communicate with all tour participants

Send short quick updates to let your clients know what's happening when their not together. For example, let them know they should start heading back to the bus in 10 minutes.

Get ratings on your itinerary so you can make it better and better!

Get real time feedback on what your clients think about each place you visit, so you can improve your itinerary next time.

Step 1

Setup Your Business

  • Tourists see your brand with image and logo.
  • All your business details and contact information in the palm of your clients hands.
Step 2

Setup itinerary templates

  • Create templates that allow you to create common itineraries that you can reuse.
  • When you apply and use a template you can easily remove and add items.
Step 3

Create your tour and send your first update

  • Create a tour and add all the participants you want to update.
  • Apply one or more templates you created previously.
  • Send your update.