Getting Started

Step 1

Setup Your Business

Your name, your business name and business logo are the first thing your clients see when receiving an invitation to the group.

Invite email your tour participants will receive

To setup your individual details:

  • From the jobs screen select personal profile from the top right menu
  • Set an avatar image your tour participant will see when you send messages
  • Add your first name and last name and then press save.

Setup your business details:

  • From the Jobs screen select Business Profile from the top right menu.
  • Set your background image, logo and business details.
  • Make sure to press save to keep your changes
Step 2

Setup itinerary templates

Templates allow you to create itinaries and re-use them when creating tours (jobs).

  • From the Jobs screen select Templates from the top right menu
  • Select Add
  • Enter a Template name
  • And start entering the Itinary (in the Item box)
  • Press the save button
  • You can come back and create multiple templates in the same way for each different tour type
Step 3

Create your tour and send your first update

The final step is to create your tour. To do this:

  • Click the home button so you are on the jobs page
  • Click the “Add Job” button at the top of the screen
  • Enter the tour name – clients will see this at the top of their update
  • Enter the tour participants names and contact information by clicking the “+” icon in the “Keep Contacts Updated” section
  • Apply the template that you’ve created (alternatively if you skipped step 2, just enter your itinerary items)
  • Click send update


Your good to go! You’ve just created your first tour and your tour participants can now track what’s happening and give you feedback. Have a great tour!