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Can I use Cloomein for all my businesses?
Yes! If you are a business owner using Cloomein you can have one account and add several businesses to that account.

Can I invite my employees to use Cloomein?
Yep, Cloomein allows you to invite any employees that you have so they can represent your business and also keep your clients Clooed in.

My Cloomein board is blank? How do I get started?
If you are a business owner or employee and would like to use Cloomein for your company you can get started by subscribing to our trial period and then reading this guide.

I want to use Cloomein but it says there are no jobs for me at the moment?
If there are no jobs on your dashboard then you may need a business to send you an invite so you can see the progress of a workflow.

Can I see my old jobs?
Yes! Previously completed jobs are under the “Past Jobs” category in the options menu.

Can I mark a job as done?
As a business you can mark a job as done at any point if you are satisfied. If you need to re-open a job you can access it in the “Past Jobs” section under the options menu and then click the “Re-activate” button.

Why do I need to enter my job title, business phone and email address?
This information is only so your client can see what role you plain in your business and they can contact you about the job that you are completing 🙂

What are templates? How do I use them?
Templates are a very useful tool that allows you to immediately populate a service with workflow steps. You can find more information and learn how ot get started with creating templates by visiting this guide.