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Features Our Users Love

Send Updates

With only two clicks you can send an update to your clients

Instant Feedback

Emojis let you know how your client feels, and if there is a problem you can address it which makes for happy clients.

Read Receipts

Know when your client has viewed your updates, no more wondering if they have seen the update or not.


Intouch is the easy and effective way to keep customers up to date with progress on the service you provide, whilst simultaneously giving you feedback on how they feel each step of the way!

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Manufacture Trust and Loyalty.

Keeping your clients updated with progress builds trust in you and what you do.  When you act on their feed back your customers trust you that you are listening to them.  Sending updates and listening to feedback together foster a loyal relationship with your customers.

Obtain Feedback and Improve.

Your customers send you a single click emoji feedback and let you know how they are feeling.  Address feedback when it happens and keep your customers happy all the way through your service delivery cycle.

Stop Wasting Time.

Reduce incoming and outgoing calls and emails so that you have more time to spend on what’s important to you and your business.